Marian Forster

The Exhibition Is Over

'Prudence' is one of a set of six Limited edition, hand printed reduction relief prints. Their titles are Humph, Sakki, Tilly, Prudence, Matilda and Adam and all are featured in this online Exhibition.

During this tricky printing method the surface of just one piece of lino is gradually destroyed as the process of cutting and inking takes place.

One wrong cut or colour can ruin the design. Add to this the challenge of ensuring that each colour is correctly aligned when you print it and I am sure you will begin to see why reduction relief printing, developed by Pablo Picasso was nicknamed by him as the ‘suicide method’.

Although each stage of the edition is a complex and time-consuming process it is fascinating seeing the changes made after printing each new colour and the marvel and often astonishment gained after printing the final one!

Reduction relief print on paper by Marian Forster S.O.F.A.

  • Medium: Reduction relief print on paper
  • Limited Edition of 11 - 9 available
  • Size: 7.5cm x 7.5cm
  • Mounted size: 20x20 cm

The exhibition is now over

But if you'd like to ask if this piece is still available please do contact us or have a look in the shop for more work by our members.