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Mary Stubberfield

Mary Stubberfield - Black And White cat

Having grown up in Sussex by the sea and keeping pets from a young age, I am especially drawn to cats. After qualifying in Illustration at Bournemouth Arts University I moved to London and worked for various publishers. I also started to show and sell my work in a small gallery in Hampstead. I soon exhibited around London and the South East.

I lived on a Greek island for two years and looked after the cats there. Gingers, tabbies, black and white 'Felix' cats, and a Siamese called Coco. Meal times were a little chaotic and there was the odd fracas. I helped the visiting vet with the annual neutering programme  which was a great success. My special cat there was a Russian blue named Ellie who I raised from a kitten. I like to sketch cats while they relax and in my artworks try to convey humour and a certain smugness.

My cat paintings are published by Museums and Galleries, Pomegranate, Impress, Tracks, Woodmansterne and Whistlefish.

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