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Astrid Ruddick S.O.F.A.

Astrid Ruddick

Astrid graduated with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art Painting from Nottingham Polytechnic in 1991, having previously attended Norwich School of Art. Previous work was of a figurative nature, using oils, acrylics and other drawing media. Astrid has always had an interest in natural history, in particular birds and animals. A love of cats led to her specialising in feline portraiture as well as entering the world of the cat show with success.

Astrid was a founder member of The Society of Feline Artists, formed in September 1994.  She exhibited at the National Cat Club Show at Olympia, London, in December 1994, the debut exhibition of The Society of Feline Artists. Since then, she's exhibited at Llewellyn Alexander (Fine Paintings) Ltd, in Waterloo, London, firstly in September 1996 and then for 22 years.

Woodmansterne Publications and Elgin Court have published her work as greetings cards. She has been featured in several magazines including The Artist, The Lady and The Leisure Painter.

Many of her works feature Devon Rex, Siamese and Sphynx cats. Her work is currently executed in acrylic medium on paper.

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