Lily on a White Sheet

Lily on a White Sheet

Kate Gabriel


The Exhibition Is Over

Tabby Lily and her tabby and white brother Norman were rescue kittens, adopted from Cats Protection at 8 weeks old. I lost her at age 15. She was a funny, affectionate little princess who loved reclining on my bed. Pictured here, I wanted to try a technique of Joaquin Sorolla, one of my favourite artists, to find colours such as blues, violets, greens and apricots in the ‘white’ to give Lily the backdrop she deserves.

An oil painting by artist Kate Gabriel

  • Medium: Oils on unbleached canvas board
  • Not For Sale

The exhibition is now over

But if you'd like to ask if this piece is still available please do contact us or have a look in the shop for more work by our members.