Kitty Caverns
Kitty Caverns

Kitty Caverns

Tamsin Lord

The Exhibition Is Over

This secret network of caverns is the abode of a pride of very special kitties who snooze their days away, but during nocturnal hours get up to all sorts of feline mischief making.  Looks like some of their fellow cavern dwellers (naming no names, but one in particular who leaves a trail where ever he goes) could do with a lesson in social distancing!

A gouache painting by Tamsin Lord S.O.F.A.

  • Medium: Gouache on paper
  • Size: 28.3 x 20.8 cm
  • Framed size 45 x 37.5 cm

The exhibition is now over

But if you'd like to ask if this piece is still available please do contact us or have a look in the shop for more work by our members.