King Of His Domain
King Of His Domain

King Of His Domain

Hildegarde Lampers S.O.F.A.


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The awe-inspiring allure of the regal lion is expertly brought to life in this exquisite pastel painting by the talented artist Hildegarde Lampers S.O.F.A. Every stroke of the artist's hand pays homage to his unparalleled beauty. This pastel painting is more than just pigment on paper; it's a testament to the artist's profound understanding and admiration for the subject. Through careful selection and application of pastel colors, Hildegarde creates a visual symphony that evokes a profound sense of reverence and admiration for the majestic lion. Immerse yourself in the soulful gaze of the lion, his eyes reflecting wisdom and strength. A truly stunning statement piece for the big cat lover. 


A pastel painting by artist Hildegarde Lampers S.O.F.A.  


  • Medium: Pastel pencil on pastlemat
  • Size: 12x16 inches
  • Unframed & unmounted

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