Feline Dancing

Feline Dancing

Astrid Ruddick S.O.F.A.


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I had a lot of fun with the concept and humour with this one. I had got to intermediate line dancing myself at the time (that's my shady Brady hat in the painting, which was a devil to actually paint!) sometimes objects in a painting that appear very simple like cardboard boxes or this hat, can become a real challenge! I've always united different passions together with my art and at the time these fused. My cats were good at avoiding me practice my steps in the kitchen though. This is great fun. I think the tuxedo cat has taken on looking a bit like Lee Van Cleef from the Clint Eastwood movies for some reason.

The mounted painting has a quality soft gold wooden mount with a decent 6cm width.

An acrylic painting by artist Astrid Ruddick S.O.F.A.

  • Medium: acrylic on paper
  • Size: 16" x 23.25"
  • Framed size: 26.75" x 33.25"

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