Rachel Stockham


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Si-Sawat is Thai for the colour of the sawat seed, a bluey grey  which is also the colour of the Korat cat also called Si-Sawat.

The Korat cat is traditionally given to married couples as a wedding gift  as it is believed to be lucky and bring prosperity to the newlyweds. I decided to paint this beautiful breed with a background of moths in flight as the moth is also very symbolic in many cultures but in my painting it is a reference to the trade in silk and the silk moth; I wanted to represent a feeling of exotic opulence to compliment this gorgeous cat

An watercolour painting by artist Rachel Stockham.

  • Medium: Watercolour
  • Size: 11.75 x 10 inches
  • Unmounted
  • Unframed

The exhibition is now over

But if you'd like to ask if this piece is still available please do contact us or have a look in the shop for more work by our members.